Business Owner

Business owners get both freedom and pride from turning their idea into a reality. They do not “go to a job.” They are the lucky people who get to do what they are very passionate about and make money doing it! Current and future business owners will benefit from learning and developing new skills to start or grow a company. Important training at CAI includes:

• Creating a business plan
• Forming a business entity
• Raising money to start or grow a new venture
• Implementing a marketing plan
• Hiring and managing people
• Strategic planning

Business owners need to be leaders of their organization. Great leaders demonstrate enthusiasm, vision, and the ability to inspire others. CAI’s short 15-week Business Management & Ownership Program can help you develop the necessary skills to bring your vision to life.

Many of the biggest companies that you know started as ideas in the minds of just one person. Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1994, and in the past two decades has revolutionized how the world shops. Steve Jobs founded Apple computers, and with his technology solutions has completely changed people’s work and personal lives. How do you want to change the world? Start a new journey and apply for free today!