Office Administration

Office administrators are often considered the “heartbeat” of an organization. They are involved in a wide range of administrative duties and are often the busiest people in the office. CAI will prepare you for a variety of critical administrative skills:

• Organizing
• Planning
• Self-management
• Time management
• Billing

Office administrators must be flexible, organized, and detail-oriented. They need to be well-versed in office procedures and possess a working knowledge of office software tools. CAI’s short 15-week Office & Legal Administration Program can help you develop the necessary skills to become a valuable team member in any organization.

Office administrator careers can offer much more than many other kinds of jobs (like those in the hospitality or retail industries):

• A predictable schedule, often with paid holidays & vacation. Plus, nights & weekends are free for family & friends!

• A clean & comfortable work environment. No more long hours standing in a restaurant or a retail store!

• Health benefits & 401(k) (or other) savings plan

• A chance for growth & advancement!

• Career stability and the ability to enjoy life outside of work!

Start your journey toward a new and better career- apply today!